My name is Deanna Samaan

Below you will find, a couple of words about me


ello, I am Deanna or as most people call me Dee. Everyone has a love affair with food. That is my motto. Why?  Because it is true.

How many times have we cheated with it or over-indulged in it? How about when it betrays you and adds a few extra pounds?

Food can be just like a relationship and seduces you in all these areas. That was the thought behind the name for my food blog, Seduction in The Kitchen. Icon

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I moved to Cleveland, Oh when I had first got married so that my ex can do his residency at one the hospitals. Life can be interesting for a native Pittsburgher living in Cleveland. I have endured all the challenges that have to face me because of that.

Elizabeth Taylor

Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.

Wine and Lipstick

Lips Stained By Wine Is The Best Shade Ever


lizabeth Taylor’s quote is what inspired Lipstick and Wine. Along with the show Sex in the City. Combine the two and that is what this blog is, cocktails with lifestyle thrown in.

My fans love how I wrote in real time what was going on in my life as a single woman on Seduction in the Kitchen, however, it didn’t really fit in with a food blog. So my darlings pour yourself a glass of wine and let’s gossip with some girlfriends.